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I Really Like That WWE Is Making The Tag Team Division Relevant...

...again and I do hope this continues on until the next . Perhaps, we can finally see a match in the grandest stage of them all after a very long time?

I do miss ( the team of and ) which I firmly believed made the tag team division relevant again in the minds of the WWE universe. The whole dysfunctional 'I am the tag team champions' was interesting to watch. All the bickering that they had also made for good TV fodder. Of course, Team Hell No is no more and we have an injured Daniel Bryan recuperating in the sidelines and a new version of Corporate Kane for .

Looking at the current tag team champions, I'm glad that has held on the title for quite sometime already. There are no potential threats to their reign so far but hopefully WWE creative thinks of something just in time for the next WWE ppv . I mean it is the one ppv that all championship belts are defended so I'm expecting that they use this as a build up to . Looking at other tag teams, there's ( the team of and ). Both are guys and with winning the , I'm expecting Paul Heyman to finally put up a strong of his own and have RybAxel target the tag team championship belts. I mean, why not get all the gold the WWE has to offer? Anyway, I'll talk about the Paul Heyman heel stable in another post.

Back to the tag teams. We also have another 'unique' tag team (I'm using the word 'unique' here in the best sense possible) of the Rhodes Brothers, and Goldust. Of course, right now, they are known as and , and they are all decked in gold and black and wear some of the best make-up I've seen in the WWE. LOL! Another tag team that WWE can use is the team of and from the . Those big bad dudes can give RybAxel a run for their money in the heel department and in my mind two heel tag teams battling for gold is as good as it gets. Another tag team that WWE can call up is the champions, the . They have been making waves and a call up to the big leagues isn't too far away. I do believe that WWE creative can and will have more angles and story lines to work with any of these tag teams win. Perhaps a tag team is in order?

Would love to hear everyone else's input about the WWE tag team division? What rivalries would you like to see? Do you have any more ideas for possible team ups to make a new tag team? Feel free to chime in.


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Ellis wrote on August 18, 2014, 8:06 PM

I have to admit I know nothing of this sport but I would like to see Cameron and Clegg take on Blair and Milliband...never know, they might be good at it....they were crap as

allen0187 wrote on August 19, 2014, 12:16 AM

LOL Ellis ! Seeing politicians wrestle would indeed be awesome! I'd actually pay to see crappy politicians battle to the death!