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How to organize a large family

There are many advantages in living in a large family. Children growing up in these families will have the advantage of being always accompanied by his brothers, which will help them develop good social skills, as they learn to socialize and solve small conflicts of coexistence.But when making the decision to form a large family, you must also consider its drawbacks. Starting to think that a family with many members will also have many more economic needs and also harder to organize. It will, for example, very important to ask for help from relatives such as grandparents or uncles who can support and take care of your family if both parents work outside the home.

There is no exact formula to keep a large family organized, and it helps a lot for some families to hire extra hands who will be able to help with the chores at home, but it will be essential to consider if you have sufficient financial resources to cover it on top of all the basic needs (utilities and bills, food, education, etc.).

Raising a large family means giving up unnecessary luxuries just to keep up with your household budget. It is also important to be more practical and take much more care on things such as clothing and toys which can be passed from older siblings to younger siblings and will save you from addition expenses.

Organizing activities and important dates will be much easier if you can write each of the important things to do on a notebook like doctor appointments, school activities, etc. to be able to manage your time and not miss any od the dates. Also will also help you a lot if you can maintain a list or schedule of to perform everyday tasks such as homework or shower and eve play time. And of course, you will need all the help possible from the family members when it comes to household chores, as even the little ones can help by keeping his room tidy or helping set the table.

The treatment of each child must be fair but at the same time individualized. You need to take into account their age and their different needs, ensuring that they all feel equally accepted and loved.

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MegL wrote on August 15, 2014, 2:50 PM

Yes, being part of a large family has drawbacks as well as advantages.

Tuffy06 wrote on August 18, 2014, 10:31 PM

At first, big family seems nice but gradually, I just want small like three or four members.