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Tips To Improve Work Efficiency

Learning to perform our work efficiently will bring us lots of benefits , not only for ourselves but for our fellow workers and the company we work for as well . Being able to do our tasks efficiently means we are able to fulfill our duties during the time set and with that we can enjoy more free time for other things to be done; may it be work related or our personal activities.

Here are my tips:

We can make every minute of the day as efficient as possible if we consider a series of basic steps in planning our day . The first thing we do is make a list of goals we want to meet the short and long term.

This will be very helpful to keep us on track of our tasks and time if write down all these in a calendar. Once this is done, we take a moment to decide which ones are the most urgent , differentiating them from the duties that we consider important and those that can be less prioritized or things that we can delegate to others. This will organize all matters according to their level of importance , aside from being able to manage the time that we need to use for each .

This may take time at first but throughout the day you will realize that fifteen minutes spent planning of tasks can save us up to an hour of work.

Another simple tip to keep in mind is to keep a clean and tidy workplace. With a well organized and tidy piles of documents and materials that you will need means a more organized and faster work is done.

Also, do try not to be around things that distract you and that may hinder concentration. U se your office computer only for work; surf the internet, answer emails because unnecessary use of the internet like visiting social networking site can take a long time and makes you forget doing more important things.

It is also important to learn to say no and delegate responsibilities to others if you are not capable of doing them on top of your work load. This applies not only at work but also in all aspects of our lives . You must also avoid taking unnecessary activities when at work. It's always best to fours your attention to what matters so you are able to accomplish your work effectively and efficiently.

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tinamarie wrote on August 15, 2014, 8:40 AM

I should be using the calendar instead of having those sticky notes stuck in a line on my desk! I'm very organized, but those sticky notes should be banned. :)