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Introduction for SuesoGreen

i currently working on Wholesale/Retailer company for several years as I.T Staff and i love blogging sharing ideas and writing article on internet so that i can share my thought in other and also to share some useful information thru internet , i love taccoss pizza (carbs :( ) and i moderate alchohol drinker , aside from that im also knowledgeable about photo manipulation and also a Professional Gamers (DOtA2) so i create some website related in my hobbies and fields . in my work im suppose to receive calls answer emails and create a program for our company and also to maintain the existing system that already produced and several times we need to develop them for user demand, i share a lot on internet like useful software, working site for video downloading, online streaming. i used to be musician (Genre: Metal) and post some vidoes in youtube (123 views :( )

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