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Stellars Received

I do not know about stellar, I know some of my friends may know about this site. Nine days back I have joined in this site and one person from Philippines guide me how to follow the site, I do according to her messages sent through Facebook. I have received 550 stellars on that day and i have transferred 500 stellars to her in return she told me to give 0.50 dollars, but I say that the Pay pal may charge something to transfer the funds to my local account.

From that time I have not opened the stellar site, yesterday once again I have login the site. I have found that there is message claim your stellar. Immediately i clicked the claim tab. To my surprise I have received 3500 stellar transferred into my account, i am posting a screen shot of the stellar received. Now I have contacted my Philippines friend and said that I have received stellar. She is ready to buy my stellar at the rate of 1000 for 2 US dollars, do you know what is the rate of each stellar. If any body know about stellar kindly share your experience with stellars

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hailey wrote on August 21, 2014, 4:46 AM

Congratulations on getting paid, I am Hailey new user in PP. I also don't know what stellar means. Sorry.