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thanks to a friend name janjecka

i would like to thank my friend name janjecka, i do not know how to express my feelings and how to thank him.

i just got home from a hospital, my mom was confined for 5 days, and we got home with empty pockets and a promissory note of our hospital bills.

we chatted and he asked why i did not go online for a couple of days, so i said the reason, he asked for my paypal add, and send me money.

i didnt know him personally, so i didnt expect it from him, we only talked on berijji, and we are friends there, he used to helped me in online earning. so i amazed on him, its not a big amount but for a person whom you do not know personally, it is a lot.

thank you very much my friend. i really appreciated it a lot.

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MegL wrote on August 12, 2014, 8:22 AM

That's great when fiends can help each other out. There are some friends you never need to meet to be instant friends with them.