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Good afternoon Guys!

Good afternoon guys! We have a very wonderful weather here in the Philippines. It is so hot! It is a great Monday to start the week. We had our briefing this morning and our boss talked about his experienced in his trip to Cebu City. He went there to talk to our client about the site that he wanted to have. As our boss told us, they talked for five hours there. They talked about purely business and some motivational things that interests our boss.

Gladly, our boss didn't forget to gave us cookie from Cebu City. It is very delicious. Somehow, it tastes like "Chunkee", a biscuit in a pack costs 6 pesos. But it is more delicious than it. That is one of the good thing I like about working in this company. Our boss didn't treat us like employee only but also treat us like his own children. He didn't forget to give us food or souvenirs wherever he goes.

Happy to be a part of this team.

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Brenda wrote on August 19, 2014, 3:48 PM

Well sounds like you have a great boss makes life better.