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My childrens new chore game chart.

I'm sick of hearing my children arguing over what housework they want to do so Ive designed them a new chore chart.

I used a flat piece of wood that was at the back of a photo frame and some small blocks for dice that got from my local craft chart.

First of all i stuck loads of self adhesive magnet strips on the back, you can get these online or from craft or stationary shops. I also glued them on to make them stronger.

I used so much because i wanted it to have enough strength to stick to the fridge, you can put less on if u have a bigger piece of magnetic strip.

picture by astraldreamer

Then i drew a line in the middle of the board so that there were two half's,

in the top half i wrote chores from number 2 to 12 and in the bottom half of the board i wrote rewards from two to 12, i then decorated the board a little and the dice.

picture by astraldreamer

The dice fit into the little box i super glued to the bottom of the board, its a little box that my daughters earrings came in, i just stuck a few decorations on it.

My children who are aged 10 and 14 helped agree on what the chores and rewards should be, they are gonna roll the dice twice a day and do what ever chores needs doing, if they roll something that needs doing they have to roll again. i think this is appropriate for their age.

If they do this well without moaning and arguing then at the end of each week they can roll the dice again and will win whatever number they have rolled out, they are very excited about this and i think its a good incentive for children to help out around the house.

here is the chart on the fridge.

picture by astraldreamer

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vserrao1 wrote on August 10, 2014, 11:52 AM

This is a fun way to have children do household work. It is also teaching the children to work together and have fun.

astraldreamer wrote on August 10, 2014, 12:12 PM

vserrao1 yes i agree, sometimes i need themt to help out a lot more as i have days i cant walk that far, its good skills for them to learn for when they are adults also.

paigea wrote on August 10, 2014, 12:26 PM

It looks like a useful, fun idea. I think it's great that they helped develop it.

indexer wrote on August 11, 2014, 4:36 AM

I was struck by your statement that your children "argue over what housework they want to do". It's always been experience that kids argue over what they DON'T want to do!

astraldreamer wrote on August 11, 2014, 3:53 PM

indexer , since they were young ive also encouraged them to help, especially in these last 3 years since i was diagnosed with fibromalgia, but yeah they do argue over the jobs ha ha.