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Store Employees Can Be Annoying.

Maybe it's my imagination, but when I go to the store across the street from me, I always have to deal with horrible customer service. When I say horrible I mean that when I need help, I can't find anyone to help me or the staff is too busy socializing to help me. For someone to help me, it takes a long five to ten minutes wait.

On the other hand, when I know what I want, walk into the store and pick up what I need, I have people following me and staring at me. Whenever I am walking towards the cash register to pay for what I need, I have some lame employee asking me, "Sir, are you looking for something?" or "Sir, what do you need?" Why do these people offer me help when I already have the items in my hand and heading to the cashier to pay for them?

Why is it when I need help, either no one is able to assist me or I am being ignored?

When I don't want help, I have everyone "sweating me?"

The only reason I go to this store is because they have good sales. If they didn't, I would go somewhere else.

(I would give the name of this store, but I want to avoid any legal action.)

Image Credit » Photo was taken by me, Victor Serrao.

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GreatMartin wrote on August 9, 2014, 7:50 PM

I don't know about anyone else but I always get good service--including from waiters/waitresses ---maybe it is just the friendly positive attitude I have around me! :O)

paperdaisyflower7 wrote on August 9, 2014, 11:31 PM

yes I also get good service coz when I enter a store or restaurant I always smile at them and greet them. Next time I come in they smile at me too

MegL wrote on August 10, 2014, 6:41 AM

I usually go straight to the cash point and ask the assistant on the cash register. They will either go and get me what I need or ring a bell to bring someone to help me!

vserrao1 wrote on August 10, 2014, 11:45 AM

I have a good smile and everything. It is just that at certain places here in Hialeah, Florida, when I don't want help, everyone is in my face. When I need help, the staff does not want to be bothered. It is weird to me.

vserrao1 wrote on August 10, 2014, 11:47 AM

It is certain store in this neighborhood of Hialeah that I get this treatment. The rest of the stores on Miami give me good service, with the exception of South Beach. Customer service is horrible in South Beach.

paigea wrote on August 10, 2014, 2:15 PM

I generally get good service whether I am doing a mystery shop or not, but I know what you mean. Sometimes I can't find someone to help me when I need it and other times I can't think about what I'm looking for as employees are right there hounding me. LOL

Kasman wrote on August 10, 2014, 2:30 PM

It's not your imagination - this happens to me as well. I usually just ignore it until I get too fed up then I just don't go back to that store for any reason.

LisaSteinmetz wrote on October 24, 2014, 3:34 PM

I work in retail and that is their job to ask all of those questions to the customers. They aren't trying to upset you at all, they are just doing their job.