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Tomorrow is Hell Day for my wife. She has a breast clinic appointment for a breat biopsy.

They made my wife wait over 2 months to get the biopsy. Breast Cancer is a very serious threat to a... click for more

DPS moved to a new location 10 miles South-East of the current location.

We drove to the old location where we thought DPS was and it was abandoned. It had been moved to a d... click for more

Phragmites Australis - The Common Reed

Traveling through Nelson County from Colleen to Gladstone, a few friends and I passed by some plants... click for more

What's Going On? Where are the Bugs?

Well this year, it seems to me, has been a peculiar year. Now I read about climate change and find i... click for more

So this is fashion, is it?

THIS IS A photo of Mrs Kasman's new jeans and no, she hasn't fallen and ripped them, she bought... click for more

Another event tomorrow

Although I am now officially on holiday from the day job, my business is busier than ever! I have an... click for more

Good morning Persona Paper this Friday, August 18, 2017

Hello and good morning my friends at Personapaper.   I am trying to do some catch-up reading... click for more

Google Banned Me for Life with AdWords

Well, I started Blogging on Blogspot a lot in the last four months after having the account open for... click for more

Aug 2017 Working From Home ... The Adventures Continue

Updating the reports on my work at home projects.   Sorry to report on this but I can't share... click for more

One Example of How Technology Benefits and Damages Society at the Same Time

Since the 80s, Society has been more and more directed to online resources. At some point, it not on... click for more

Christmas market

I have just booked my first Christmas market stall of the year! Where has this year gone that we are... click for more

I've made a friend

YES, I HAVE! His name is Baxter and I'm told he's a somethingorother terrier - but I ... click for more

Trauma Blog #4: Moving Forward

While dealing with trauma I came to a point where I realized it was necessary for me to move beyond ... click for more

The 2017 Toyota Camry Has a Painful Design Flaw

(That picture is not of a Camry, in case you didn't know. Read on and you'll get it.) I recently ha... click for more

The Four Bears

A Tiny Terror Story Once upon a time, there were four bears, Daddy bear, Mummy bear, Little bear an... click for more

Tiny Terror And The Rescue

Annual Festival Day Each year there is a local festival of food and folk music, with stalls selling... click for more

Dreams Are Good Things

I was a kid of 6 when I woke up from a "bad dream". When my mom came to my room to see why I was cry... click for more

Trauma Blog #3: Confronting Violence

With trauma there often are memories of violence; living through violence can change your life outlo... click for more


There are many tales of bravery attributed to several American presidents but the one that tops the ... click for more

If I'm up everyone's up!

HA! THOUGHT THEY were getting a long lie did they? No chance! Since I am now able to get up and dow... click for more

Trauma Blog #2: Validatiion

[Disclaimer: The tips in this article do not come from a mental health or medical professional. Whil... click for more

Persona Paper Is Contageous

Hi, I,m absolutely thrilled to post an article on this tremendously #transparent site. I have come f... click for more

Won't be going to bed late

I will definitely be going to bed early tonight. I am just that tired. I didn't sleep well last nigh... click for more

And now I am a web designer!

Are there no ends to my talents? Seriously though, it's been a very busy day in our house, for me ... click for more

My Work at Home Projects – Social Discussion Forums That Pay

Want to shine the spotlight on two forums that are showing monetary results. Following up on my prev... click for more

Virily: The New Kid On The Block

Since the demise of Bubblews, we social bloggers have become a nomadic lot. We move from pasture to ... click for more

Where's The Twelfth?

Today is the 12th of July It's probably that date where you live too. Here in Northern Ireland, 12t... click for more

And so it begins!

I am thrilled to know that the site is staying up and active.I have been over at myLot and also writ... click for more

Things may be looking up

Well, they might be looking up for us. After months of either just my hubby working or not finding w... click for more

Chili For Dinner

This morning I was digging through my freezer look for a fabulous idea for dinner when I came a... click for more


Life has definitely kept me busy. With work, my kids, and everything else, I have been busy. Life ha... click for more

Can I consider myself lucky?

Yeah and if we look at Merriam-Webster dictionary for that word, it means “resulting in good b... click for more