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Tiny Terror And The Stomach Ache

No Longer Tiny The tiny terror is now 8 years old and hates the name "tiny terror" because she is "... click for more

GUEST POST: How Golf Can Help Improve Your Confidence

Golf and Confidence Golf is the perfect sport for learning focus, strategic thinking, and precision... click for more

Animals Run Amuk in Old Movies

Have you ever watched an old movie when a large animal such as a lion, an alligator or a gorilla sud... click for more

A Portrait of Taz - The Reference Photo

This is a photograph of Taz, my friend Mark's kitty. Taz passed away, and Mark asked if I would pain... click for more

Student Syndrome

So What Is Student Syndrome Putting off starting because it's not due for ages. It is used to refer... click for more

The Napoleon Syndrome - Lives On

The infamous general, Napoleon Bonaparte, stood a mere 5'6" tall. Take a man his size, who has a chi... click for more

Jonah and the Man-Eating Elevator

Well you've probably heard people speak of Jonah and the whale, right? Well, in actuality, Jonah was... click for more

Side Hustles: Art, Online - Print-on-Demand

Hey folks, hope everyone had a good weekend. My next stop on the side hustle train for artists is pr... click for more

Two months and 1 week after

It's been 2 months and 1 week since my last post here. I'm not sharing that much because of the busy... click for more

My Side Hustles: Art, Online - Etsy, the Big Online Platform for Artists

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I'm busy at work on--you guessed it--side hus... click for more

I'm busy with my work as a customer service representative

Hello there, It's been 2 weeks and 3 days since my last post here. I'm sorry for not posting here a... click for more

Don't stop being happy

We all love happiness even when we are sad. Our best friend may have left us today but left us h... click for more

Technical Issue with work

It's 4:44am (8th of May 2022) here in Manila, Philippines. Later, I'll face my bed to take a nap aft... click for more

Personal Notes & New Art

So, it's been a short bit since my last share here. The other day, my wife & I took our son to a... click for more

Is this thing On? or Wow time machine!

Greetings! I was searching something today and ran across one of my own articles on persona paper, w... click for more

New Art & Notes

Dear all, At present, my wife is out at her mother's, and my son is in school. I thought I'd take t... click for more

Poetry & Some Notes

I wrote this #poem earlier today, I shared it to my social media & one of my blogs. It's a micr... click for more

April Fool !

THIS IS A PRANK which my grandchildren pulled on their mother (with a little help from myself) ... click for more

Finally Back After 4 Years

Wow, time flies so fast. First thing I knew I was still reading and commenting to articles here. ... click for more

Its been a long time

After much discussion with a couple friends, I decided to come back here and see if I could get in. ... click for more

How to make a writing site secure using https instead of http

If anyone wants to know how to make a site secure by changing it's URL address from http HYPERTEXT T... click for more

Goodbye Mr Biggs, You Will Be Missed

I just said goodbye to my cat for the final time. Actually, he wasn't my cat. When I moved up here o... click for more

The Lowdown Truth #28: Left vs. Right

Watch the video at Rumble: ... click for more

The Lowdown Truth #26: Coming Right Wing Backlash

  Watch the video at Rumble: click for more

The Lowdown Truth #27: Perceptive Illusions (Banned by YT)

Watch the video at Rumble Get the mp3 download at Spreaker The perception of American ci... click for more

How I Deal with Manic Depression During THE COVID-19 GLOBAL PANDEMIC

I know that when I am happy, it may not last long. And when I get sad, I know that it will pass. Bec... click for more

Keeping A Memento To Remind Me

I have a piece of one of the trophies that we handed out at the race track. I never planned to be th... click for more

King Of The Pool

My friend recently got three ducks. They weren't being treated very well where they were, so she tho... click for more

Back again

Gosh I thought this site was closed down, I've been searching and searching but couldn't remember. O... click for more

Last checked

I was excited when I stumble upon this website as it was the first ad that popped up on a google sea... click for more

My Confusion With Our 2010 Ford Fusion Episode in a Day in A Life.

2010 Ford Fusion Confusion   We own a 2010 Ford con-Fusion.    I say that not so ... click for more

Am Into Crypto

Am into crypto currency! This business is very challenging. Sometimes things move pretty good but th... click for more