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A £3 billion white elephant?

I DON'T NORMALLY comment on politics but this one is too big a target to miss. This is the Roya... click for more

I am doing an online event

Tonight at 7pm I am having an online event for my new business where I will show off some of our pro... click for more

Can I consider myself lucky?

Yeah and if we look at Merriam-Webster dictionary for that word, it means “resulting in good b... click for more

Nothing Like Garden Fresh - Marcus' Homegrown

A friend of mine, who is much larger even than me, has a huge garden every year. He seems to have bo... click for more

Does anyone still use Pinterest?

I admit, I'm not the best at using pictures on posts I just don't take enough pictures but I remembe... click for more

The Wooly Aphid - More Stuff and Nonsense

Here in the state of Virginia during the month of June, I took note of the return of the tiny fluffy... click for more

Losing or misplacing something can cause undue stress in our lives.

Where did I drop my ear buds? Every now and again, I forget things, like where I last laid down a s... click for more

Anthony's end Cap concepts

End Caps in grocery stores are fundamental, Fun Duh men tall.   My favorite snacks no. 1 end ... click for more

What Turns Cream into Butter? A Small Surprise

What turns cream into butter? Churning or mixing will do it. So is that the point I'd make? No. You ... click for more

Love Me, Love My Dog

When I saw this picture in Pixabay of this little Pekingese I was astounded at how much he looked li... click for more

RETRO RECAP: Top Six Results and Eliminations on The Voice, Season Five

Originally published November 2013 It's getting down to the wire on The Voice, and every singer r... click for more

Boot sale today

So I told you all recently about my new venture with Votre Belle Maison. Well today I had my first b... click for more

Rocco gets pampered

HELLO AGAIN FOLKS. Life just keeps getting better and better! Since I've now had all my innoculation... click for more

My Work at Home Projects – Another Update

Not that any of you are interested in what I am doing but I like to leave markers behind for myself ... click for more

Body Paint Protein Shakes For The Tiny Terror

The Tiny Terror I have written about the tiny terror a few times previously. You can read about her... click for more

Niume Has Stopped Paying

When Persona Paper had to discontinue offering payment due to falling advertising revenue, writers w... click for more

Currently writing my Graduate Studies Thesis

Today is 10:43AM of May 31, 2017 here in the Philippines.  As of this moment, I started to draf... click for more

Aren't Cigarettes Slavery Too?

I grump, whine, cry and complain about my personal past with drugs a lot. I lay as much hatred upon ... click for more

No PersonaPaper Didn't Shut Down

Awhile back, admin posted something about PP shutting down but, as is so often the case with these "... click for more

I didn't realize...

I didn't realize that Persona Paper was still around.  According to my "Article Summary" my las... click for more

First Dive of the Season

 So for those that don't know, my son and I are scuba divers and do a lot of diving in the Wisc... click for more

Just came back

 So I left here about a year ago, Not really sure why I left. I just stopped checking in, I gue... click for more

Meet Rocco everyone!

HI, MY NAME is Rocco and I am the latest addition to a very loving family of four: mum, dad, Ru... click for more Offers a Free Blogging Platform

Looking for a free blog publishing platform and also a community where you can find answers to vario... click for more

Back in 5 weeks

Hi, a pleasant afternoon from the Philippines.  Although, the weather is gloomy.  Cannot p... click for more

WebNuggetz : My Squidoo Alternative for Affiliate Marketing

Several years back when I decided to try earning money via #affiliatemarketing , it took me hardly a... click for more

Female Doctors vs. Male Doctors

I was watching a short informational video that contrasted female doctors with male doctors regardin... click for more

Was Snow White Really The First Disney Princess?

"Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs", the first ever full length animated movie, was released in 1937... click for more

Rain, rain, and more rain

It's been cloudy a lot this week, and it rained most of yesterday, if not all day. It was definitely... click for more


Finally we moved out. A new life, a new start. Out of the city country life , fresh air and quality ... click for more

Quite tired

I have been quite tired. I had a rough night last night. I didn't sleep too well. So, I have been pr... click for more

24 Hour Health Service

Government Wants a 7 Days A Week Health Service in The UK Recently, the UK government said it ... click for more

Neal Morse, Spock's Beard Reunite For Two Shows

Spock's Beard is one of the best progressive rock bands of the last 20 years.  In 2001, they we... click for more