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THE FLU PANDEMIC OF 2018 ... A Fictional Short Story by A.P. Davis

Day 1 Jake waited in line at the drug counter as several white coats stood at their computer termin... click for more

Installing Old Games That Utilize Microsoft Direct X

I just learned something that may be useful to some who enjoy installing and playing old games, or w... click for more

I Was a Mad Scientist with a Home Lab. What Could Go Wrong?

As a young fellow, I had a leaning toward science, fostered in me by the Bell Lab Science series of ... click for more

2-in-1 Laptops with not enough memory is a problem, when they are a Windows 10 OS.

I purchased a new 2 in 1 Laptop with 32 Gigabytes SSD memory that has Windows 10 installed but ... W... click for more

Charging Extra for Credit Card Use - Is It a Wise Move?

In the county where I live, some smaller businesses are charging extra if you use your credit card. ... click for more

Oddest weather

We're getting such the oddest weather. Last week it was freezing. Thankfully, it's warmed up a bit. ... click for more

A new site I just "discovered"...

I don't know if you will find it interesting... Anyway, here we go! As I teach Spanish online, I was... click for more

Following the Winding Internet Path: Discovering a New Artist with some Interesting Connections

I have a fondness for searching random things on the internet and then just seeing where it leads me... click for more

Spanish vocabulary and expressions: "El perro" (The dog)"

So, today we have the #Spanish word "perro", "#dog", in English. This is a masculine noun, tha... click for more

Giants Of Ireland

Were There Really Giants In Ireland? There are many myths of giants in Ireland, such as that of Fin... click for more

Refllecting on 2017

It's that time of year again where I start getting all reflective thinking back on the year gone pas... click for more

The Tiny Terror And The Elevator

The Tiny Terror On Holiday For the week before Christmas, the tiny terror and her family went on ho... click for more

I'd never have thought this was fake!

AND I NEARLY FELL FOR IT! Like most of us I am aware that it is possible for our online accounts to... click for more

How Much Can Identity Theft Impact Your Life? GUEST POST

Identity Theft In a digitally-connected world, our identity is more public than ever before. Identi... click for more

Anti-Aging haircare?

I received a bottle of shampoo and the matching conditioner from Pantene's anti-aging haircare ... click for more

Romy (2250 Saga) by Nirina Stone Review

Occasionally, you come across a book or a series of books on Goodreads that simply haven't received ... click for more

Foodie Friday and Happy Holidays! Do you like eggnog?

I always celebrate #FoodieFriday at my blog for #foodies and #foodlovers. But since it's the season ... click for more

Rail Fares to Rise Again

It beggars belief, but apparently rail fares are set to rise once more and this time by the largest ... click for more

Cruise your way across Scotland

Motor boating on the Caledonian Canal Want to see Scotland from a different perspective? The Caled... click for more

Do Cats Make You Smile ?

I am often amused by cats. I live next door to a youngish man who has a lot of cats.   He is a... click for more

Dog Walking Without A lead-Why?

Rain is so good when it lashes down,  the dogs pull back,they are not mad about it but I love i... click for more

Our Mortgage Has Finally Been Approved

Boy is it a long process getting a mortgage these days! First you call up and get an agreement in pr... click for more

Short Story: John's dream tells him that the past just can never be changed, no matter what happens in the future

When John was in his twenties, he used to practice karate. John pursued this sport, and self-defenc... click for more

Everything Avocado! Are You a Fan?

Everything Avocado! Are You a Fan?... click for more

Saddest Joke of the Day

So what do Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have in common? Their favourite Beatles song: Fool on the ... click for more

Short Story: John only ever smiles after finishing a new piece of his writing

John was a young man who was lost in the world of his youth. He didn't know who he was. He didn't kn... click for more

I Can Feel it Now

It is approaching very fast - time flies so fast. Really fast. The Yuletide season is already kn... click for more

Vince - meet Carmen's sister!

YOU MAY REMEMBER a couple of months ago I wrote THIS POST about Carmen my new ta... click for more

I'm a homeowner!

Ok the sale isn't completed yet, but my offer is accepted and my mortgage application almost complet... click for more

Necessary Equipment in a Modern and Progressive Laboratory

Laboratory researchers make life-changing discoveries, develop new products, and improve existing on... click for more

How to be Totally Surprised and Reintroducing Myself

Wow, I genuinely thought there was no more Persona Paper. I have not been on this site for months. I... click for more