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Will the Lunacy Never End? Airboarding

People never cease to amaze me. Not primarily because of their "brilliance", but because of their fo... click for more

Discovering the Importance of Gut Health & Chiropractics

After discussing my husband's concerns about Medicare Plans for 2020, we talked about natural health... click for more

It's the Medicare Supplement Time of Year Again

My husband is a disabled veteran who is over 65 with a variety of health issues. Today we received a... click for more

A come Back with some New online Earning Ideas to Share with my Persona Paper Friends

Just like the Biblical prodigal son, I am back with a bang. May someone say, "welcome back!" Don't ... click for more

The Scene of This World Is Changing - Universities

Maybe I'm just old. I don't know. Elementary education changes over time have been a source of grum... click for more

Best wood to use to construct a home and best paint for it's external surface are two important things to consider.

They sell all kinds of paint at Lowe's and The Home Depot and other retailers around. - but what is ... click for more

Duolingo Releases Two New Language Courses

Yesterday, for Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day, as it's better known), Duolingo released two n... click for more

Firework Cremation

I have death on my mind at present No, not mine but someone I know has been given only a short time... click for more

Inventors Seldom See the Big Picture

I read what should have been a light, interesting if relatively unimportant, article on the inventio... click for more

Thinking of getting a pet rabbit? Here is what you need to know

I was inspired by &MegL who wrote a post warning of the dangers of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Dis... click for more

Bunny Virus - UK - Viral Haemorrhagic Disease

For those in the UK with rabbits I am copying this from Facebook, from a CONFIRMED veterinary poste... click for more

I have not been posting like I usually do, but that is mainly because of my toothache. Ouch. I need 2 Tylenol and an aspirin.

I've been laying low lately. Ever have one of those types of upper tooth pains that generate pain a... click for more

Happy Saturday, Everyone.

Hey, everyone. I hope you're all having a good Saturday. My day hasn't been too bad.I went to some s... click for more

The Benefits of Early Morning Sunlight

  Oh, the early morning sunlight. Who doesn’t love it? Aside that it is a sign of a grea... click for more

Oh no, not again!

LOOKS LIKE WORD is getting around - watch out for that suspicious-looking character with a came... click for more

Addressing An Issue

Hey everyone, Earlier tonight, I came across a man who was bragging about using his #welfare check ... click for more

Busy as usual

You all know me well enough to know how much I like to keep busy, but I am struggling these days. A... click for more

Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed.

Milk Weed was something I once thought was something to eat but as a child, I had no idea that it wa... click for more

My Motivation - Solution To My Previous Post.

Hey, everyone. I'm sorry for disappearing again, but I was busy with my work last week and then my M... click for more

American Tourist Dies In Car Crash In Northern Ireland

Regretfully, someone visiting Northern Ireland has died in a car crash in Northern Ireland. The man ... click for more

How I Started Making Money Online (A Recap of my Journey)

This question has been asked of me many times. My story doesn't change, however, the answer changes ... click for more

Heart Art (With Commentary)

Hello again, I recently created this design, originally shared it on my blog, #xenzuu and #clickasn... click for more

Cat Art With Commentary

  I created this #cat #art design yesterday, I originally uploaded it to #clickasnap and my bl... click for more

Where Did That Motivation Go?

I was going to save this for tomorrow or this week, but eh, I'll post it now. It's a bit of venting ... click for more

On the perils of retirement

ALL IS ROSY in the retirement garden - or is it? Since I have now retired from full-time employ... click for more

Five Reasons to Clean Out Your Garage Today

Everyone blinked and it seems that summer is nearly over. While it continues to be summer on the cal... click for more

I Just Discovered: "The Man" by The Killers

You can discover a LOT by just surfing YouTube. I am personally delighted both by the number of song... click for more

Kranjska Gora 10K Run Was A Swift Story

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, August 15th, 2018. Assumption day is a national holiday and a work-free day... click for more

Science Fiction Short Story Review: "Indirection" by Everett B. Cole

" Last review: "The Tapestried Chamber" by Sir Walter Scott Last sci fi review: "The One and the M... click for more

Just stopping in to say hello again

 It's been about a month since I have posted so I thought I would stop in say hello and update ... click for more

Happy birthday Mrs Kasman!

ACTUALLY IT ISN'T her birthday until the end of the month but, as she often does, she requested... click for more

Trying To Revive This Account If I Can

Been gone from this site a long time. I think it was in 2015. I thought they had closed the site up.... click for more