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Trying To Revive This Account If I Can

Been gone from this site a long time. I think it was in 2015. I thought they had closed the site up.... click for more

Vegetable Soup Not for Vegetarians

I was raised "up North". When I was 33, I moved to Virginia. I brought my mom's vegetable soup recip... click for more

Do You Like Old Westerns? Try Stagecoach West (Free)

I never watch television. It's not because I think I'm *too good* to stoop to "public" entertainment... click for more

Hello Everyone, Been A While (Again)

Hello all,   There has been a lot going on in my life and that has taken precedence over post... click for more

Those Words: It was his own fault!

I'm guilty. You're very probably guilty. Yes, likely we're all guilty. We're guilty of using the exp... click for more

I like to drink SUN TEA - Don't you?

SUN TEA IS BREWED DIRECTLY FROM SUNLIGHT YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU TRY. It's pretty simple. You measur... click for more

A hot truck engine is good for more than just heating up the surrounding air . Talk about tail pipe cooking, Southern Style!

TRUCK TAIL PIPE COOK'IN ON THE ROAD! I HEARD A TALE - OF A TAIL PIPE - a very unusual tale.  ... click for more

Stray dog? or someone's pet run astray?

Back yard saga by A.P.Davis THE CASE OF THE STRAY BLACK DOG IN THE BACK YARD TODAY As I watered th... click for more

It's been 4 months and 21 minutes.

This is just a blog/self-indulgent-love-letter from a 3-year-long-persona-paper-writer. I finally lo... click for more

Having trouble posting articles from PersonaPaper to Facebook?

THEN WORRY NO MORE! It's a bit annoying what's happening with Facebook right now. If our PP art... click for more

Did I mention that I am a web designer?

When we originally set up the archery business we obviously needed a website. I designed a fairly ba... click for more


THEY ARE ATTACHED to just about everything we buy. Product labels, instruction labels, warning ... click for more

This nanny state annoys me

We have had a very busy day today. We travelled almost two hours each way to run an archery class th... click for more

Still Around

Hello to the good people of this community. I have not been around for quite some time nor have I w... click for more

The Humanities

The Humanities is a branch of education that reflects on how people interact in a particular group o... click for more

Writing For Article Sites

Have you ever wondered what it's like to write for article sites? There are a lot of benefits that c... click for more

My Update

As promised, here is my update post. I hope to see a good few people doing these - lets get ourselve... click for more

Football Round The World

Football or soccer, is one of the most appreciated sports on the planet and has a huge fan following... click for more

It's probably psychological

WHY IS IT that your favourite beverage always tastes better when drunk from your favourite mug? I'm... click for more

Visiting the Past

For some reason, this bookmark showed up in my bookmarks bar, peeking up from a long list of forgott... click for more

Melania's Middle Finger

Okay, so...'re about to go visit some incarcerated kids who have committed no crimes. They m... click for more

Father's Day Dive

 I will be getting things ready for our annual Father's Day dive. My son and I have been doing ... click for more

Do You Enjoy Creating Quizzes?

In a previous post I shared a bit of humor by asking the question Do You Like Quizzes? But in this ... click for more

Can't wait for Monday

 I'm a hockey fan and the Stanley Cup Finals start on Monday May 28th. The two teams that have ... click for more

Weekend is almost here

 So it is Friday morning and I am looking forward to the weekend. I don't really have any big p... click for more

Either I'm Psychic, or that Was One Heck of a Coincidence!

I was driving home from work today, and a Justin Bieber song came on the radio. I'm not a fan, but I... click for more

TreeTuesday: Spruce Above Krivčevo Mountain Pasture

This scenic view photography over Krivčevo mountain pasture was taken while standing in a shade of ... click for more

Photography Surprises: Logan and the Catmint

Meet Logan, the black cat who lived near my house in Paso Robles when this photo was taken. He liked... click for more