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Back in 5 weeks

Hi, a pleasant afternoon from the Philippines.  Although, the weather is gloomy.  Cannot p... click for more

My Best Friend in the Whole World!

We're raising 3 grandchildren (for the most part). One of them turns 5 shortly. We attended a gather... click for more

WebNuggetz : My Squidoo Alternative for Affiliate Marketing

Several years back when I decided to try earning money via #affiliatemarketing , it took me hardly a... click for more

Female Doctors vs. Male Doctors

I was watching a short informational video that contrasted female doctors with male doctors regardin... click for more

I actually fell asleep while watching a lecture on global climate change

The thing is, I am very enthusiastic as to the possibilities of reducing global climate and it looks... click for more

Science was Fun in Ben Franklin's Day

I am a degreed chemist. I took post-degree, graduate level courses at the University of Virginia. I ... click for more

Beauty Knows No Size

Ever been on a vacation and visited some famous home or other with its magnificent gardens? Of cours... click for more

Interviewed by the media

I try very hard to stay out of politics on facebook, with my job its really important not to get cau... click for more

Time to Buy a New Shredder? Apparently Not, Thanks to Amazon Reviews

I have a small-ish shredder in my home office (it can handle three sheets of paper at a time). It's ... click for more

Flying to Europe for health and conferences

On May 10 I wrote that we would be flying to Europe at the end of May and this will be basically a m... click for more

I just finished reading a book entitled, 'SQUIRREL PROOFING your home & garden' by RHONDA MASSINGHAM HART by STOREY BOOKS

SQUIRREL PROOFING your home & garden A very informative and a delightful read. In paperback thi... click for more

Update on My Blogging Projects ~ I'm Expanding!

Now active is several blogging communities and/or forums; many with income potential. ... click for more

Was Snow White Really The First Disney Princess?

"Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs", the first ever full length animated movie, was released in 1937... click for more

Today is international nurses day

Today is international nurses day. On top of that I don't have to work today! International nurses ... click for more

Apples to Apples? Good Thing Apples Have Lots of Varieties

The first bite I took out of the “writing apple” was at a site that no longer exists cal... click for more

Persona Paper keeps calling!

I noticed that my statistics were kind of frozen, so I kept away, but P.P. keeps on calling me, so h... click for more

What's Good for Persona Paper?

It's been over a year since I wrote last, and ironically, my last post was about how nice it was tha... click for more

Happy gotcha day Bramble

Today is Bramble's gotcha day! Three years ago he came to live with us and what an amazing differenc... click for more

Rain, rain, and more rain

It's been cloudy a lot this week, and it rained most of yesterday, if not all day. It was definitely... click for more


Finally we moved out. A new life, a new start. Out of the city country life , fresh air and quality ... click for more

Quite tired

I have been quite tired. I had a rough night last night. I didn't sleep too well. So, I have been pr... click for more

24 Hour Health Service

Government Wants a 7 Days A Week Health Service in The UK Recently, the UK government said it ... click for more

Neal Morse, Spock's Beard Reunite For Two Shows

Spock's Beard is one of the best progressive rock bands of the last 20 years.  In 2001, they we... click for more

Resuscitating Persona Paper

A Great Article Site As most of you will know, I have taken over responsibility for PersonaPaper, w... click for more

Mindfulness: an eight-week plan for finding peace in a frantic world

I'm reading a Mindfulness book by M. Williams and D Penman and now I will follow a week-by-week... click for more

Would you have children at 60 plus?

Would you have children at 60 plus?... click for more

Vacation for Holy Week

Today is Maundy Thursday here in the Philippines.  As of this writing, it is already 10:08PM. &... click for more

Pet Mouse - Never Again!

Two years ago, while living on the third floor of an apartment building, my husband found a little w... click for more


We're finally getting nice weather. Yesterday, it was sunny and warm. Didn't even bother with coats ... click for more

Are you HERE and are you NOW?

Are you HERE and are you NOW?... click for more

If I had been somebody else

Radio 4 programme I was listening to a radio programme, here in the UK, on "in search of spring" ab... click for more

I Want to Finish my MLIS ASAP

Currently, I enrolled 3 units of my Graduate Studies program (Master in Library and Information Scie... click for more

Welcome to 2017 with Persona Paper

Good Morning and Welcome to 2017 with Persona Paper. I'm Wendy Spickerman, one of the contributing w... click for more

After more than one year, here I am again! (Time flies...)

A lot of time since my last post, a shame! To tell the truth, I had a really busy life during... click for more

New Cultural Site - It has fascinated me

The passion for travel is one of the guilty pleasures, a hobby often annihilated by routine and da... click for more